samer kuraishi at A-K Real Estate

Samer Kuraishi explains the advantages of having an A-K Real Estate Agent

Samer Kuraishi at A-K real estate says, the real estate market is not easy to comprehend. Simple buying and selling of a property entails several complexities and processes. Despite not being a requirement to either buy or sell a house, many have attested to the advantages of our Mr. Samer Kuraishi or an agent from AK Real Estate.

According to Samer Kuraishi, first and foremost, a realtor is a professional in this field and he or she knows the industry well to give you – buyer or seller – all the advices and tips. Our Mr. Samer Kuraishi, and all the agents at AK Real Estate have a working knowledge on the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. We can provide you with vast information, including accessibility to transportation, the presence of good or not so good school in the vicinity. We can even furnish you with other options should your first choice fails.

Our agents have experience and expertise of the housing industry, as well as market history. Thus, if you are selling your property and there is prospect for price increase in the near future, we can advise you to hold on and later you will be able to sell at higher price. The same is true when you are a buyer. As we are aware of market trends, we can give you tips whether there is uptrend or downtrend in the value of properties so you will know when is the best time to buy.

Another very important advantage in having a realtor from AK Real Estate by Samer Kuraishi, pertains to laws on property sale and purchase. There really are a massive number of laws that govern the buy and sell of properties. We will make you aware of the legalities of your transactions. Sure enough, there is no law violated when you are handled by a professional broker.

Our agents will make sure that you get the best deal. If you are a buyer, we can find you a lending institution that gives the best deals in terms of amount of loan, repayment plans, down payments and interest rate. From the time you lodge your loan application to escrow then transfer of titles, our realtors will be with you and will safeguard your legal rights. This is aside from taking over the tedious paper work associated with a house sale and purchase transaction.
Even after the culmination of buying or selling, some complications may arise. The agents at AK are still available to provide guidance and assistance to straighten the problem.

At A-K Real Estate, we pride ourselves in knowledge and proficiency in the market trend and in the procedural steps which will save you mone, time and effort. Thus you will end up a contented happy buyer or seller.